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At the beginning there were sounds, fragments of lyrics and songs that one grows up listening to. To these were added home-cabaret attempts to entertain my folks. Then the first piano lessons that never brought out the required passion or conscientiousness.

Then there was a rock band called Lotus. First audiences and that particular feeling of "one for all and all for one", despite the not so unusual fights and arguments. And finally realization, which came with London and its oh-so-particular-vibe, that the music was somehow here to stay, active in my life, for better or for worse.

Turquoise was written in collaboration with the world-renowned percussionist/producer Hossam Ramzy, the very guy who in so many occasions successfully bridged gaps between cultures. He remains one of my mentors. We were joined by song-writers from Morocco, Libya and Egypt, (Osama Elhendi, Hassan Shalf and Hakim Hussayri), hence the pan-Arabian dialects and musical styles. These led me slowly but surely further into exploring what exactly I had to say and what was perhaps to be left for later. Nevertheless, the crossover within me (Bosnian parents, Tripoli as a birthplace, influences from all over – reconciled and yet never fully defined) was given a chance, to glance from one of its corners towards the world, with the songs of Turquoise.

My exploration led me further, or rather back to the roots of Arabic music – Cairo, known among Arabs as the capital of Art. Working with two respected Libyan song-writers, brothers Kilbash, brought the Libyan side to the surface. Hamid AlShairi, the well-known producer/singer/song-writer turned "Leish" and "Shd Mrasilak" into hits, and a wonderful experience I learned so much from and will always cherish. Our collaboration continues.

Meanwhile and simultaneously – because the show must go on! – Phil Thornton and Simon Williams, the creators of Earthdance, and Mandragora, represent to me yet another energetic and brilliant path in what turns out to be bridging the gaps between cultures. Or rather treating those very gaps as THE muse of great sounds and rhythms. Keep an eye on that space, as there will be a lot more to come!

Waternixie is a solo-project, a step further in that very exploration, a more personal one, dealing with issues that are not only about love and dance. The production and arrangement are by Pete Murray, the artist who every time finds the way to express so much of what I truly feel – even the change in my shade of blue. I suppose that unnamed incandescent hue never gets completely defined and perhaps that is where its main attribute lies. Its invincible elusiveness. Oh, but the search for it is as beautiful…