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Hossam Ramzy

Water Nixie is an emotional expression delving into the inner reflections between a daughter and her mother. Thoughtful, eclectic and worldly music that expresses various genres of music while extending to new dimensions of experience


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Dalinda is a true migrant between various oriental cultures, using contemporary influences in due proportion, without ever running the risk of sounding either too "urban" or too "traditional".

Ognjen Tvrtkovic

Waternixie is Dalinda’s continued successful attempt to connect cultures and worlds within: the land of her genes and parents, Bosnia, the country of her birth, Libya, and England, where she spent quite a few years of her recent life and where she continues to write and sing her art.

Dr. Cailean MacKirdy FRSA

Having followed this singer's path from her first album, it is safe to say that Waternixie represents her arrival as a mature confident artist whose passion and sincerity for her chose genre, style and approach to words and music generates a bench mark for an artist who is obviously ever progressing.

Dalinda's voice has mellowed and is more rounded thus suiting the nuances of the phrases of her music. Her range is greater than before and she curls around the tunes with much dexterity and emotional panache.

Like all capable singers, be in the world of jazz, opera or folk Dalinda sings from her heart. The added bonus is that she also composes from the heart. The two together provide us a journey that transgresses cultures, climates and her encounters with many diverse people of equally expressive attitude and temperament. Little wonder her music is used to accompany films in a range of genres.

Most of the tracks commence with a scene setting few bars that provoke the place, time and mood of the piece. The main body then unfolds and moves to a conclusion before it tapers into an ending that suggests "more to follow". This is why Dalinda’s music is worth listening to as the whole album is not so much a set of finite individual pieces but episodes that need to be conceded as the collective movements of a programmatic whole.

Studying her words more than suggest that like those of great lyricists, they can stand alone as poetry itself without musical accompaniment. However, it is Dalinda's combined talents as a writer, singer and vocal arranger that are most evident here as Waternixie demonstrates that her passion is genuine, and her delivery is unmatched in this type of musical expression. We look forward to the next album.


Turquoise is the most recent catalyst for my thoughts about the music that dominates American airwaves. The album uses elements of western styles, but has the sophistication and skill our pop music seems determined to stamp out.

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Marc Tertre

Dalinda et Hossam Ramzy, en complicite totale sur cet album, nous livrent LE disque parfait, eqilibre, frais, bondissant, conjugant joie et emotions... la voix de Dalinda comme un loukoum sur en plateau dore, quand coule le the brulant et sucre!

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Like Natacha Atlas, Dalinda brings her tradition along even as she plunges into the international dance scene.She shines most when fronting a dance groove, and fans of global dance should relish this offering.

Scott Allan Stevens

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...this is a tribal bellydance fan's delight. Nice vocals, good music - what more could you want?

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...she switches between emulating an Oum Kalthoum type of style and heading somewhere closer to American pop, often finding a nice midpoint to hang on for a time. For a nice look at a new artist in the worldbeat scene, this album wouldn't make a bad place to explore.


Dalinda and Hossam summon a veritable desert storm...