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Waternixie is on iTunes

15th April 2013

Waternixie is now available to buy on many digital music stores including iTunes. Click the button below to be taken to iTunes to preview and buy Waternixie.

2013 Update

31st January 2013

As you can see, there's been a pause, a longish one. Most of the 2010 was spent working in the studio on Waternixie, and then - I became a mom, and got totally cocooned in my new world. However, here we are now. Waternixie is finally ready, with extra tracks and the official release date set for February 28th, 2013.

Happy New Year, everyone, and happy listening!

New Album

2nd October 2010


New Album entitled Waternixie coming soon!

Glade Festival

1st July 2009

The Glade Festival (details coming soon)


4th May 2009

Gig in Chesterfield, with Mandragora.


19th March 2009

Gig in Glastonbury, Majma Festival with Mandragora.


24th October 2008

Concert in Moscow. (details coming soon)

Sarah Silverman

28th September 2008

Dalinda is featured in Sarah Silverman's MTV shows, Patriot Tact, in Colin Rivas's track "Ay Dalai". AyDalai.mp3


19th September 2008

Brighton. Performing with Mandragora, for "circus2iraq" charity event.

Chill Le Monde

8th August 2008

Completed work with Phil Thornton on his new album "Chill Le Monde"; featured in "Ederlezi Trance".


5th July 2008

Festival in Bexhill, UK. Performing with Earthdance.